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Open up the break room to refreshment solutions that earn rave reviews

Try out micro-markets

Reno businesses are clamoring for Alpenglow Vending’s micro-markets, the new self-serve kiosk refreshment offering for the workplace.

Drive up employee morale


Hundreds of healthier options including protein packed, gluten free, all natural, non-GMO, and more.


Employees can look at and purchase items 24 hours a day using the micro-market self-service kiosk.


Enjoy the benefit of more food, snacks, and drinks without the cost or time involved in doing it yourself.


Drive a higher level of engagement and appreciation of your company with a micro-market solution.

Workplace culture enhancer

The micro-market solution brings the choice and healthy products employees are looking for conveniently to your break room.

It’s time to break open the box on refreshments. Micro-markets from Alpenglow Vending offer the 24 hour convenience of refreshment paired with the open concept of a store, all in your break room. Employees can look at items and read labels before purchasing the selections at the self-checkout kiosk. It even accepts credit/debit cards and mobile wallets.

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