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Make healthy eating enjoyable with delicious healthy vending options

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Healthy fruit and nut selections

Drive health and wellness in the break room

Ensure employees and guests have the nutritious options to make healthy lifestyle choices with alternative selections in the vending machine.

Professional healthy vending machine solutions for businesses in the Reno area.

We partner with our customers to offer healthy vending machine programs just right for them. Let us know the types of products you’re looking for and we will work to accommodate them, whether that is an entirely healthy vending machine or a great mix of traditional and healthy items.

Customize the healthy vending machine products in your machines.
Customize products that include organic, baked, high protein, low sugar, etc.
Convenient healthy offerings are considered a workplace benefit.
Improve employee morale with health and wellness inspired options.
Encourage a healthy break room culture in your Reno workplace.

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Student in a school classroom
School classroom

Health focused school vending machine programs

Alpenglow Vending works with school administrators to ensure healthy and nutritious offerings are available to students and staff.


Experts in Nevada’s requirements for what can be sold in school vending machines at different grade levels.


Servicing healthy vending machines in a variety of schools from area middle schools to high schools.


We provide a variety of vending machine options to meet the national nutritional requirements from the USDA.

Food offerings that support a healthier tomorrow

Drive down insurance costs, missed work, and ailments, with foods and beverages that support healthy eating choices right in the break room.

Show your support for health and wellness with healthy vending machine options from Alpenglow Vending at 775-525-9322 or info@alpenglowvending.com.

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