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We offer the high quality services you need, from modern vending machines to gourmet office coffee service.

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What We Offer.


All of today’s trendiest snacks, food, and drinks delivered through high-end vending machines.


Select from a broad variety of national and local coffees, finely crafted teas, and specialty options.


Create a refreshment oasis with open shelves and coolers that offer more beverage, snacks, and food.


Include alternative choices that empower nutritious and better-for-you snack and beverage choices.

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About Us

Who We Are.

our mission

Reno locals dedicated to bringing you vending machines, micro-markets, and office coffee service.

Alpenglow Vending is a family business with a calling. We want to refresh the workers and visitors of Reno with the best available products and state-of-the-art equipment. We personalize each break room and tailor the selections to fit your needs. If you have an issue, you can call anytime and get the owner, not an automated system. That is what makes us number one in customer service.

Transform your break room

Newly designed refreshment with open shelves and glass coolers

Create a break room oasis that appeals to employees with better layout and more snacks, food, and drink options.

Alpenglow Vending is proud to offer Reno businesses the micro-market as a top-tier refreshment solution. These open concept mini stores allow hundreds of products to be stocked including multiple sizes and healthier selections. Employees can examine all the items prior to purchasing at the easy-to-use self-checkout kiosk.

Try micro-markets
Healthy, freshly made salad and granola bars

Delicious coffee and tea offerings for your Reno location.

Wide variety of national and local coffees along with fine teas
Traditional and single-cup offerings to meet your specific needs
Better office coffee service increases morale and productivity
Include specialty options to create your own workplace cafe

Ask about better coffee
Fresh brewed mug of coffee

More options. Better refreshment solutions.

Partner with a service provider able to give you the best customer service and innovative break room solutions -- Alpenglow Vending at 775-525-9322 or info@alpenglowvending.com.

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